Recruiting New Realtors

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You need the tools and resources to give you a competitive advantage and the training to stay on top of your game .. that's where we come in.

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Being a realtor is not a 9-5 job, you set your own schedule and act as your own boss. A successful realtor is a team player who establishes good professional relationships with his/her peers and with clients. Like any entrepreneureial endevour, your hard work, consistant effort, and dedication can be very rewarding, but it is clearly not a job for everybody.

If you are confident and have the skills and dedication necessary then, a career in real estate could be right for you.

Calgary First Real Estate Inc. is a young company, but prides itself on offering a supportive, team-oriented environment for our realtors. New realtors are offered the guidance and benefit from the experience of those more seasoned. Dedication and committment to clients through teamwork, and focused marketing strategies, benefits client and realtor alike.

Calgary First Real Estate Inc. is looking for dedicated professionals to join our growing team! Contact Lance Berrington, today for more information.

"As a professional realtor,
you need the training to stay on top of your game;
you need the tools and resources to give a competitive advantage;
and you need the administrative support
to allow you to focus on building your business.

That's where Calgary First Real Estate comes in!"

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